For individual enterprises which join LCCI membership at a district chamber branches by following defined district procedures for members wishing to join the district branch. This category of members shall apply for admission in their respect district and shall pay registration and membership fees as prescribed by the National Council from time to time.


For companies carrying business anywhere in Lesotho which identify with the aims and objectives of the Chambers. This class of members shall apply and pay their fees at the Head Office of LCCI.


Institutions, societies or associations whose objectives fully or in part are similar to those of the Chamber. This class of membership shall also apply and pay their fees at the Head Office of LCCI.


Honorary Members: This category is for retired individuals who, in the opinion of the National Council, have rendered valuable services consistent with the aims and objectives of the Chamber and are not eligible for election into National Committees.  This category of LCCI members shall include past Presidents of LCCI.

Patrons: This category is for personalities who, in the opinion of the National Council have made recognizable achievements in activities related to business development and promotion in Lesotho or elsewhere in the World. Such achievements should be regarded as typical models for LCCI to emulate or copy as best internationally recognizable in development of business and trade and related activities.

Friends of the Chamber: This category is meant for personalities from any sector or activity in life and who have supported the LCCI directly or indirectly to achieve its objects. They could also be members of the community whose interests in any of LCCI’s activities has been exemplary and be regarded as having some influence in the way the Chamber functions and performs its duties in society specifically and generally to change lives of the ordinary citizens etc.