Organs of the Chamber

The Treasurer

Not less than Seven (7) Non-Portfolio Holding Members of the Management Board Members.

Immediate Past President with no voting powers.

Management Board Sub-Committee

Administration, Sub-Committee of the Management Board

Economic and Investment Sub-Committee

Credentials Committee

District Chamber Committee

Composition of District Committees shall comprise






Organs of the Chamber

National Council

Executive Board

Composition of the Executive Board:

All Current members of the Management Board.

Five (5) representatives of Associate members.

Two (2) representatives of Affiliate members.

All districts Chairpersons, Secretaries and

Chairperson of the Junior Chamber (non-voting).

Three members of JCI Lesotho (non-voting).

Honorary Presidents (non-voting).

All past Presidents (non-voting).

Management Board Composition:

The President.

The Secretary General.