Vision and Objectives

Our Vision

Lesotho Chamber of Commerce and Industry aspires to be the best non-partisan Business Association that supports, protects and advocates interests of its members operating legal businesses in Lesotho and beyond the Borders of this Kingdom.

Our Mission

To act as a catalyst in forging and protecting business interests of its Members in Lesotho

It shall do so regardless of race, sex, creed and religion of its members of good standing;

To advocate for a conducive business environment within the borders of Lesotho, in the SADC Region and Africa and internationally;

To cooperate and collaborate with its counterpart associations in Africa and internationally to promote sustainable economic growth and development;

LCCI shall promote and encourages investment in Lesotho with a strong emphasis on the participation of indigenous Basotho owned businesses in trade in goods and services and export oriented industrial enterprises to boost the economy of Lesotho.

In carrying out its mission, Lesotho Chamber of Commerce and Industry shall not take part, support or promote the interests of any political party interests except in activities directed towards the upholding of the constitution of Lesotho and protect the interests of its members.

LCCI shall cooperate, collaborate and network with other business associations within Lesotho and beyond the borders of Lesotho only to promote business interests of Basotho owned enterprises and their business partners wherever they may be.


To promote and develop business activities of trade in goods and services, internal and external investment promotion and mobilization of resources to promote and support export oriented industrial development in Lesotho; it being specifically declared that the words “business, trade, commerce and industry” in addition to and not in limitation of their ordinary meaning, shall include banking, finance, insurance, transport, tourism, distribution, manufacturing and such other business activities, professions and callings as the National Council of the Chamber, at any meeting, may, from time to time, decide.

To consider any matter or question connected directly or indirectly with such business of trade, commerce and industry or the general economic development of Lesotho, any matter or question of government of Public Organization policy and any other matter or question of general public importance.

To express and publicise its opinions on such matters or question, and the making of such action with regard thereto as it may deem advisable to the public and members of the Chamber.

To understand all state, districts, municipal, village or other legislation affecting or likely to affect business either directly or indirectly, and such other laws or regulations in regard thereto as may be deemed advisable.

To collect, circulate and publish statistics and relevant economic data.

To promote and develop business training(s) and business development using local delivery and facilities and to promote a high standard of customer service among the Chamber membership to customers we service.

To undertake an educative role to promote members of the Chamber and the Community/customers, the need to strive for excellence in all commercial undertakings members are involved it.

To promote within the business community, the development of a friendly commercial environment in which entrepreneurship can flourish.

To establish a rapport with civic, business, ethnic and other sectors of the community and be recognized as representing and presenting the view of commerce to the general citizenry in Lesotho.

To keep members informed on opportunities, important matters affecting trade, commerce and industry, retail and tourism and other sectors and to render a varied and comprehensive service to its members according to the requirements from time to time.